The Apollo Club of Wenatchee, Washington
 The Apollo Club of Wenatchee, Washington  

History of the International Choral Festival

The first recorded "International Choral Festival" was hosted by the Okanogan Valley Esquires on April 7, 1962 in Omak, Washington. It was international in that two groups from British Columbia, Canada, the Oliver Choral Society and the Trail Male Chorus participated. The event was billed as the Northwest Choral Festival. The clubs attending included the Esquires, the Wenatchee Apollo Club and the Yakima Camerata Club.


Even though the name "International Choral Festival" was first used in 1967 to identify the event, it wasn't until after 1973 that the name "stuck". Prior to 1973, the event was known by several other names, Festival of Choirs, Northwest Choral Festival, Song Fest, Invitational Concert, International Choral Jamboree, International Festival of Song, Spring Festival of Music, and Spring Festival of Song were used as event names.


As a general rule the International Choral Festival is held every year alternating between Canada and the United States as different clubs serve as hosts.  Each chorus  presents three numbers during the Concert. The finale is a massed chorus comprised of all participants, at times exceeding 230 voices.


Hosted in 2017 by Wenatchee's own Appleaires, the ICF concert will be held in the auditorium at Wenatchee High School on Saturday, April 22nd.